Thursday, May 16, 2013

Butterfly Life Cycle Acrostic Poem

We read a non-fiction piece on butterflies in our anthologies this past week. This was a good review of what we learned in Science during April. We came up with this acrostic poem as a group using each letter to describe a stage in the butterfly life cycle.

Animal Research

During the 3rd trimester, each girl researched a favorite animal. We used books and the Ipads to learn facts about our animals. Then, with the help of Ms. P in the tech lab, we organized our research into a Power Point presentation. Mrs. Crowley combined all of the presentations into one Photostory for you to enjoy! The girls did a fabulous job with this research project!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Earth Day Play

The girls worked so hard preparing this Readers Theater piece, The Earth Day Hen and Friends. Each girl had a role to play and the girls brought in items from home to use as a costume. This play teaches us ways we can take care of the Earth by recycling and composting. Happy Earth Day!